It’s our birthday!

Can you imagine how nice it is to have your own brand as a retailer? It had been on our wishlist for such a long time, developing your own brand, when all of the sudden, Cowboysbag showed up. Of course, we didn’t think twice about the decision to take it over! Suddenly we didn’t just sell bags from other brands, we were able to express our creativity and ideas in our own collections. Over the last 40 years, these bags have created a clear signature, but we made them a bit more modern. As huge fans of the brand ourselves, we are happy to finally be able to include a little bit of our own style in them.

Our experience

When we say that it has not gone without struggle, we have not lied. Our first collection was one of the most enjoyable moments we've had, but at the same time it was a huge disappointment. The production didn't look like we expected it to. We were pretty inexperienced back then. Fortunately, the sales went well and we were able to continue with great collections. 

Now, with our current experience, we were able to design a lot of cool collections. One of the greatest collections is the collaboration with Bobbie Bodt. It was a huge gamble, as we had never released such outspoken bags before, but it worked out so well. Yes, that was a very inspiring period. Right now we're working on even more fun collaborations, so stay tuned! 

One of the most popular bags is 'The Bag'. By now it can be found in all kinds of variations. Every time it was an enormous honor to hear someone ask for that one bag with those 'pockets on the front'. Due to the great success of 'The Bag' we have designed multiple versions. There is now also a special diaper bag and two smaller sizes!

Special Delivery

Even more great news, this time in three surprising new colors and a Limited Edition Tag, we offer the bag with a very nice discount! As a thank you that we have already experienced so many beautiful moments together, but also with you as our customer!

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