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Care products

Leather products will bring you years of joy and the leather becomes even prettier as time goes by. To avoid that your bag gets damaged, we recommend you to use Cowboysbag care products. This gives your Cowboysbag product a protection layer. This makes bags, coats, shoes and other leather products water- and dirt resistant. The products are created for Cowboysbag products, but can perfectly be used for your other leather goods.

Cowboysbag Multispray

The Cowboysbag Multispray can easily be used to protect your bag quickly. Keep the spray straight up and on a distance of 30 cm from the leather product for the best result. This makes your product water- and dirt resistant. For the best preservation of your bag we recommend to use the spray every three months.

Order your Cowboysbag care products online

Do you want to provide your Cowboysbag or other leather accessories with extra protection? Then make sure to order one of our care products in our webshop. We send it to you right ahead, so you can protect your leather goods quickly.