Diaper bags

As a parent of a newborn child, you need more supplies to bring with you. A good and firm diaper bag will help you on your day out with your little one. The diaper bags by Cowboysbag have many different pockets in which you can easily store pacifiers, diapers, bottles, fruit snacks and other baby essentials. The compartments make the bag well organized, so that you can find everything you need within no-time! This might come in handy when you have a little one to look after. The diaper bags are equipped with a handy changing mat and are conducted with a water-repellent fabric. This makes it very easy to clean up the bag when, for example, a bottle might leak.

In our collection you find The Diaperbag, the Bag Monrose and the Bag Stonehaven in different colors. Every diaper bag has short handles, but also a longer removable shoulder handle. This makes it possible for you to wear the diaper bag as you prefer, or for example hang on the stroller.

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Advice: Keep your Cowboysbag diaper bag beautiful for years by using our Cowboysbag care products.