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About Cowboysbag

Life is full of memories. Colors, sounds, new encounters; every little thing you experience influences your outlook on life and makes you who you are now. Your Cowboysbag is by your side every day and becomes part of your memories. It brings you back to a certain moment, a certain experience. Just like you, your Cowboysbag will have its own personal story to tell. A story that keeps on developing and at the same time leaves enough room for you to add your own character.

Born in 1980 as a fashion label for belts, Cowboysbag has grown into a premium leather brand with an extensive collection of bags, purses and other leather accessories. Always with an eye on sturdy genuine leather, quality and functionality. Always with the iconic Cowboysbag luggage label.

All bags, purses and accessories are crafted out of vegetable tanned leather with a distinctive character. Full grain leather with a visible grain, made of the upper layer of the hide. This gives your Cowboysbag its own personality and a natural look, which gets more beautiful in time. Wherever you go, whichever new experience you will go through, your Cowboysbag is always by your side.

Cowboysbag. Made to use.

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