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Taking care of your Cowboysbag products

We recommend you to take good care of all of your leather items. Prior to use you should use a multifunctional spray such as the Cowboysbag Multispray. This spray makes sure your leather product (as well as products of other materials) is well protected against water. This spray contains carbon technology with prolonged protection against dirt and liquids.


1. Use the spray on the material from a 30 cm distance.
2. Let the material dry for a few minutes.
3. Smooth leather if necessary and polish for shine. In case of suede: rub softly.


The dimensions of Cowboysbelt belts are fairly easy. The first two numbers of the article indicate the width of the belt in millimeters, e.g. belt 43102 has a width of 43 millimeters.


Some items may momentarily not be in stock but may return back in stock. If you wish to receive more information about a certain item which is not in stock, please send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following information: your question, the article number, the name and colour of the Cowboysbag item.